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The “solutions” to the border crisis suggested in the April 14 Deseret News front page article, if implemented, would add fuel to and exacerbate at least two existing crises. This country is already burdened with tremendous debt, over $22 trillion. The 2019 cost of “securing” our border, processing, and providing for immigrants seeking "backdoor" entry is estimated to cost billions. We are not meeting the current needs of our own taxpaying citizens, so why should we bury our progeny even deeper in debt processing and providing for non-citizens?

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As for monetary grants to the countries from which these migrants originate, how would these grants be controlled, and who would actually get the money? Past experience indicates that it would not be the people who desperately need it. Our immigration system is badly flawed, but squandering money funding more of the same will not fix it. Indeed, it would encourage more migrants to seek backdoor entry, and produce even more human suffering. Congress must stop its political bickering, get its act together, create, and implement a more fair system that discourages backdoor entry attempts and encourages those seeking entry to try what should then be a more functional front door.

Jesse Wilson

Spanish Fork