Photo courtesy Utah Jazz
The logo for the new video game, "Splash Uncles," released by the Utah Jazz, is shown.

SALT LAKE CITY — If you have way too much spare time on your hands or perhaps you're looking for something to do while procrastinating, boy, do the Utah Jazz have just the thing for you.

Jazz fans who became Hall of Fame-level shot-blockers on "Super Rudy Block" will now get a chance to transform into long-distance sharpshooters while playing as Kyle Korver or Joe Ingles in the team's new video game called "Splash Uncles."

The customized game was conceptualized, created and tested by Jazz developers and students from Neumont College of Computer Science.

"The Utah Jazz rank among the leaders in the NBA in social media engagement," Jazz senior vice president of marketing Bart Sharp said. "We’re always looking for fun ways to interact with our fans digitally, and the ‘Splash Uncles’ video game deepens the connection with our incredible fan base in an innovative way."

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The adventure begins in Australia as Ingles or in California as Korver, with Vivint Arena being the ultimate destination. Gamers rack up points by hitting jumpers, must avoid obstacles on the course and reap the benefits of features such as Powerups, All-Star mode and the Golden Basketball.

The video game can be played anytime for free on

Developers spent seven months and logged more than 700 hours to create this fun game. An app version will be available on native iOS and Android this week.

The Jazz's first foray into the video game world was a smashing success. Fans have blocked the shots of Rookie Ralph, Crossover Carl and Jumper Jimmy while playing as Rudy Gobert nearly 600,000 times since that game was developed by staff members and released in September 2017.