HBO via Associated Press
This image released by HBO shows a scene from "Game of Thrones." The show holds the series record for most awards in a year, a dozen, which it set in 2015 and matched the following year, and with a total of 38 Emmys stands as the most-honored program ever.

SALT LAKE CITY — China made sure to make the “Game of Thrones” season 8 premiere a little less violent and a lot less inappropriate.

CNN reports that China cut out six minutes of violence, mature language and sexual content that appeared in the U.S. premiere of the HBO show.

Tencent, a Chinese media company, owns the rights to the HBO series in China and airs it on the company’s website and app, according to the South China Morning Post.

Tencent shares the edited version of the show. HBO, though, is not available to the general public, so Chinese fans can’t watch the traditional version of the show, according to CNN.

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“Without spoiling the plot of the first episode, the moments cut include a sex scene with prostitutes, close-up shots of people being killed with arrows and an ax, and one instance of a character swearing,” according to CNN.

A group of viewers of the show intend to file a lawsuit against Tencent for the cuts, CNN reports.

Fans complained on the social media network Weibo that the network cuts the “fighting scenes,” Business Insider reports.

"When I was watching I wasn't even a little worried about my dad being there, even the fighting scenes are cut, with even those cut, why bother watching," one viewer wrote, according to the New York Post.