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You know what's maddening? The very same people we like to blame are key to developing solutions. It absolutely is going to take reasearchers and developers working together. Impossible, you say? Actually no, it isn't.

Republicans and Democrats have come together and worked out a way to get a good start on zeroing out carbon emissions, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, HR763. This isn't an ambition; this exists today now as a choice to be made on our behalf within our Congress. All it needs is support.

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HR763 has two essential parts to it. It prices carbon emissions so that the energy market place is enabled to do what it does, which is seek lower cost. The second part, the carbon dividend to households, addresses what otherwise would be a regressive tax and makes it progressive. That is, it disproportionately benefits lower-income people.

This approach is finding favor from a growing number of conservatives and progressives. See Shultz, George; Becker, Gary (April 7, 2013). "Why We Support a Revenue Neutral Carbon Tax". The Wall Street Journal.

Charles Ashurst