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"From Palm Sunday to East Sunday" is by Stephen R. Christiansen.

"FROM PALM SUNDAY TO EASTER SUNDAY," by Stephen R. Christiansen, Covenant Communication, $12.99, 113 pages (nf)

After receiving a personal prompting in 2017, Stephen R. Christiansen began intense studying and writing about the events in the life of Jesus Christ during his last days before, and after, his resurrection. As Christiansen spent hours each day studying the scriptures and various church books, he would then spend more hours typing up his findings and compiling what he learned in emails to family members. This book, “From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday,” is a collection of some of those emails and his findings.

Each of the eight chapters in this book is dedicated to a day in the life of Christ and each chapter quotes from the Holy Bible regarding what happened on that particular day. Christiansen also notes if the authors of the four gospels vary at all regarding what they say. He references hymns, C.S. Lewis and other authors, most of who are, or were, general authorities in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and what they wrote regarding Jesus Christ on that day.

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Each chapter is less than 15 pages and one is even as short as five. This brevity is intentional, as the book is meant to be read a chapter a day, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Christiansen does an excellent job synthesizing information into interesting, pertinent facts and readings. At the end of each chapter are questions designed to help readers gain personal insights from what they have learned.

“From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday” is a great, uplifting book. It can be a wonderful addition to understanding and learning about the importance of Easter and a meaningful tradition that can be read each year.

A graduate of the University of Utah, Christiansen lives in Utah with his wife. They are the parents of four children.