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Mark Hamill participates in the "Knightfall" panel during the History portion of the TCA Winter Press Tour on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2019, in Pasadena, Calif.

SALT LAKE CITY — Mark Hamill pitched J.J. Abrams another idea for Luke Skywalker for “The Force Awakens.”

As you probably remember, “The Force Awakens” ends with Rey (Daisy Ridley) finding Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) all alone on a deserted island. The film cuts to credits before we get a chance to hear him speak.

Well, Hamill’s first idea was a little different. He told The Hollywood Reporter in a wide-ranging interview that Skywalker should have appeared earlier.

  • "Everyone talks about the shock of realizing that, on Force Awakens, I don't come in until the last page, a bigger shock to me was them killing Han Solo before Luke could ever see his best friend again. I mean, it might be selfishly motivated, but I said, 'Holy cow, that's a real missed opportunity.' Even having the three of us together, even briefly. I pitched Abrams on the idea of, 'You can still have me come in at the very end, but how about this. How about Leia's trying to contact me telepathically, she gets frustrated because there's no answers, so she rushes to the new Death Star.
  • "And she almost gets there but she gets stopped by two Stormtroopers and, just before she's abducted, one Stormtrooper turns to the other one, blows him away, pulls off his helmet and says 'Hi, sis, I'm here to rescue you.' I say, 'It'll blow the roof off the joint, I'm still in it at the very end,’” he said, according to THR.

Hamill said he believes having Leia (Carrie Fisher) and Luke watch Han Solo (Harrison Ford) die as he did in “Force Awakens” would have been an emotional touch for fans, too.

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  • "I think it's more effective to have people that really have a history with Han Solo witness his death and be unable to stop it. His wife, the mother of his child, his best friend, instead of two characters that have known him, what, 20 minutes? But they get the keys to the kingdom, and they're the deciders, so you just have to live with it."

What actually happened: Hamill didn’t appear in “Force Awakens” until the end of the movie. He didn’t speak to characters until “The Last Jedi,” where he was actively involved in helping Rey learn how to be a Jedi.

Skywalker died at the end of “The Last Jedi.” He is expected to return in some form during “Episode IX,” which debuts on Dec. 20, according to