Elise Amendola, Associated Press
An American Airlines jet taxis on a runway as it takes off at Logan International Airport in Boston Tuesday, July 19, 2011. Americans parent, AMR Corp., said Wednesday, July 20, it will buy 260 planes from Airbus and 200 from Boeing. It will also take options and purchase rights for up to 465 additional planes through 2025. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola)

SALT LAKE CITY — You think your day is bad? An American Airlines flight attendant recently spilled a drink on American Airlines CEO Doug Parker. Yikes.

NBC News reports that Maddie Peters, the 28-year-old flight attendant, had been warned ahead of time that Parker would be on the flight.

"We knew he was going to be on board and had to be on our best behavior," Peters told NBC News.

Peters carried beverages to those in first class. But the person in front of her suddenly stopped moving, which sent Peters’ tray flying. And, like a scene from a sitcom, a drink spilled across Parker, according to NBC News.

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"I wanted to drop dead right there," Peters wrote in an Instagram post about the incident.

Parker, of course, laughed the entire experience off, according to Fox News.

“Luckily he was super cool, and a good sport about it. He later came back and we chatted for a little, and joked about it the rest of the flight,” Peters said on Instagram.

"I asked him, 'Am I fired?' and he said, 'Of course not,'" she said on Instagram.

She added, "When he was getting off the plane he told me he’d never forget me ... guess that’s a good thing, right?"