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Stephen A. Smith is a well-known sports television personality for ESPN. He is known for his flamboyant personality and striking mannerisms. A quote of his recently resurfaced on the internet that says, “For the Jay-Zs, LeBrons, Shaqs and others, I don’t consider them the American Dream. I consider me the American Dream. They’re the American fantasy, you got a one in a billion shot if not more to be them, but you can be Stephen A.”

This quote is very important for my young generation to consider. We often look up to megafamous athletes, movie stars and singers as role models. This is not inherently bad, but there are role models who offer a more realistic example of American success. Stephen A. Smith is a prime example of someone who came from a humble background and worked his absolute hardest to make it in his chosen field.

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His success has little to do with his physical capabilities, looks or God-given talents. It does, however, have to do with dedication, hard work and determination. These qualities have led Smith to an influential job earning millions of dollars. Nobody should consider their life a failure if they weren’t born with an incredible singing voice, an athletic body or the looks of Tom Cruise. These are not in anyone’s control.

The American Dream is when people put their nose to the grindstone and become exceptional at what they choose to do. This is much more advantageous than unrealistically fantasizing of becoming the next Lebron James.

Seth Anderson