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Many are unaware of current plans to develop 16,000 acres in the northwest quadrant of Salt Lake City for an inland port, where goods can be warehoused and transported between the coast and interior. New legislation has expanded this project to include “spokes” throughout the state, i.e. the hub will be in Salt Lake with multiple authorities across Utah. This plan is short-sighted, financially irresponsible and environmentally disastrous.

Our economy must move away from fossil fuel use. The climate is warming, and there are catastrophic consequences on the horizon. This technology is on the way out, and this port is therefore remarkably myopic in terms of financial planning.

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The financial irresponsibility continues with tax breaks and/or land deals that have been promised to massive multi-national companies, including Stadler (a Swiss rail company) and Rio Tinto, which made $40.52 billion in revenue last year. This is at the expense of wildlife habitat, air quality and the climate in which we built our societies. Such a proposition, for profit, is morally reprehensible.

There are hundreds of species that will be affected by this plan, including burrowing owls, pelicans and pronghorn. The destruction of these beings’ habitat is not worth the further enrichment of a few companies and their owners and shareholders.

We cannot run anywhere once we destroy this planet’s living systems. There is nowhere to hide. As Carl Sagan once said, Earth “is the only home we’ve ever known.” Maybe it’s time to start taking care of it again.

Ethan Petersen

Salt Lake City