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Letter to the editor

I have realized that lots of people are not careful about people who have allergies. I have several food allergies: egg, peanuts, shellfish and dairy. These are very serious to me and some of them could cause death.

Some people aren’t as careful or as sensitive about food allergies. For example, at my school there is a no peanut table and sometimes kids will eat at the table even though they have a peanut butter sandwich and do not realize that they could kill someone at the table.

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Sometimes people don’t realize that all food allergies are not the same and reactions are different. When my dad took us to a restaurant, he asked if the hamburger bun was made with milk or egg. The waiter replied that it was gluten-free, which is completely different.

Because the Deseret News has so much influence in Utah, I am asking you to spread this important information to help people realize food allergies can be serious and to be more aware of allergy problems that people like me have.

Parker King