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Letter to the editor

When I read the article about property in Sandy, several questions came to mind. Why aren't the residents who live there being heard? They feel like their research wasn't taken into consideration.

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Why is Sandy city looking only at retail and high-density rental townhouses for the site? Why is developer Thackeray and the city council making all the decisions without listening first to these residents? These folks would agree to zoning for six homes per acre, more homes than surrounding areas allow. They have honest concerns for their families. Too many humans and too many cars in rental townhouses is a danger in the already existing single family neighborhood.

Thackeray will not consider lower-density living. More vehicles mean more danger. We are already overbuilt with high-density housing in this part of Sandy. The project is not a safe or smart thing to build here.

In my opinion, Sandy city government should go back to the drawing board and do the right thing by its citizens and Sandy as a whole.

Kay Judd