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Letter to the editor

With the spring wild turkey hunting season upon us, I wanted to remind you of the significant economic impact hunting provides our local communities.

Utah is an outdoorsman’s paradise. What many people don’t realize is that hunting is an economic engine that Utah’s local businesses rely on every year. According to the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation, hunters in Utah spend $187 million in trip-related costs each year and $262 million on in-state equipment. This revenue supports an astounding 12,700 jobs in Utah and provides $62.5 million in state and local taxes.

By purchasing all required licenses and paying federal excise taxes on hunting equipment and ammunition, Utah hunters also make a huge contribution toward ensuring the future of many species of wildlife and habitat for the future.

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Look at turkeys, for example. In the early 1900s, population estimates of wild turkeys dipped to 30,000, which was an all-time low. Thanks to hunters' conservation efforts, today the population estimate is over 6 million wild turkeys. Once only located in 21 states, turkeys are currently found in 49 of 50 states, six Canadian provinces and in central and eastern Mexico. The species' current range is larger than at any time in recorded history.

Hunting is important to our economy, our wildlife and the future of our state.

David Worwood