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“The View” co-host Abby Huntsman, pictured, and “Strahan and Sara” host Sara Haines talked to People magazine recently about their pregnancies.

SALT LAKE CITY — “The View” turned into a joint baby shower for “View” co-host Abby Huntsman and “Strahan and Sara” host Sara Haines on Thursday.

Parade magazine pulled out a number of things the two TV show hosts had to say about being pregnant, like what they’re craving, how they deal with stress and the most exciting things they’re preparing for.

  • Both Huntsman and Haines already have children. Huntsman will be giving birth to twins, who will be joining their sister Isabel. Meanwhile, Haines will have a baby boy, who will join brother Alex and sister Sandra.

Huntsman, who is pregnant with twins, revealed the most exciting part of having children:

  • “Now that I see know how much fun it can be, I think having two more is really exciting. There’s no bigger joy and it’s funny: I don’t care about me anymore. It’s really all about my kids."

Huntsman revealed this pregnancy has been harder for her.

  • “This one has been harder for me physically. It hurts to walk. With Isabel I was working to the end. I love to move. I can’t do that anymore. This is a very different experience and I have to be OK with that. It has been healthy for me as a woman to not let my securities take over. It’s not about me anymore. I have to keep my feet up when I can. I can’t go out at night because for the past seven to eight months I have partly been on bed rest when I’m not at work. It has been a real adjustment.”
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Flashback: Huntsman revealed she was pregnant with twins back in January. She said it was a surprise to her and her husband since they only gave birth to daughter Isabel 13 months prior, according to my report for the Deseret News.

She said having twins was a shock since she doesn't know of any twins in her family.

  • “I knew something was different this time,” Huntsman told People magazine. “I was actually worried that something was wrong with this pregnancy because I felt sick immediately. I was sick with Isabel, but not until about eight weeks, so I was worried something might have been wrong."