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Weber County Attorney's Office
A knife-welding man is confronted by Harrisville police in a still photo taken from body camera footage of an officer-involved shooting on Saturday, March 23, 2019. The suspect can be seen holding two knives at an apartment complex and advancing toward the responding officers. The suspect was told to to drop his knives repeatedly before his was shot by the officers.

HARRISVILLE, Weber County — The Weber County Attorney's Office released body camera footage from an officer-involved shooting in Harrisville last month that left a man critically injured.

The video captured three officers shouting repeatedly at the man to drop apparent weapons in his hands before firing at least 15 times when he stepped toward them.

Black Lives Matter Utah identified the man who was shot as Jamal Bell. The group released a statement Thursday from his mother, Chandra Bell, offering appreciation "for the outpouring of love and support we have received during this trying time" and asking for privacy.

The shooting occurred on March 23 when police were called to apartments at 2510 N. Charleston Ave. on an alleged domestic violence dispute. When officers arrived at the home, they knocked on the door that appeared to be cracked open already, the video released on Thursday shows.

After one officer swings the door open with his foot, they yell, "Police, anyone home?" and "Come to the door and talk to us," and shine a flashlight inside the home while waiting outside. One officer notes there is a knife on the floor inside the home.

An officer observes in the video that the front door jamb is broken.

After about two minutes, Bell comes into the front room of the home and starts walking out the door toward the officers. Both of his hands appear to have items in them, the video shows, and as the officers back up, the officer seen most prominently in the video has his gun drawn. Bell continues approaching the officers with the objects in his hands while an officer commands, "Drop the weapons now," according to the footage.

After taking just a few steps out the front door, Bell goes back into the home, batting closed the door, which swings open again. The officers follow but remain outside, where one appears to use a stun gun while repeatedly shouting at the man to "drop the knives."

"We will shoot," one officer calls out in the footage.

"Take another step forward, I will shoot you," an officer warns.

The video shows Bell continuing to stand inside the doorway with his arms spread at his sides and the objects still in his hands. He then takes two steps toward the officers and the officers fire.

Three officers then fire at least 15 shots in quick succession, which can be heard in the footage. Bell falls to the ground on his side in the fetal position, the video shows, and lifts an arm after officers command him to let them see his hands, according to the video.

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The officers get Bell to roll on his stomach and handcuff him while calling for medical responders.

As of Thursday, Bell was alive, the Weber County Attorney's Office said, but additional details about his current condition were not immediately available.

The three officers involved in the shooting were placed on paid administrative leave during an investigation, which is being conducted by the Weber County Attorney's Office. A task force there will determine whether use of deadly force was necessary and if Bell will face any charges.