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"Every Day Power from the Book of Mormon" is a talk on CD by Jack R. Christianson.

"EVERY DAY POWER FROM THE BOOK OF MORMON," by Jack R. Christianson, Covenant Communications**, $11.99, 60 minutes**

Jack R. Christianson is positive that his love for the Book of Mormon exceeds anyone’s. He's so of this that he’s been bold enough to contend with a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints regarding who loves the book more.

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Jack Christianson is the author of "Every Day Power from the Book of Mormon."

Regardless of who won that playful argument, his latest audio CD, “Every Day Power From the Book of Mormon” shows Christianson is an adamant believer and lover of this book of scripture.

Christianson relates several personal experiences to help teach of the importance of the Book of Mormon and the power it can bring to others. From playing college football to serving as a mission president, each of Christianson’s stories holds deep meaning and teaches powerful lessons regarding how something as simple as reading from the Book of Mormon can change others for the better.

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Christianson’s wife, Melanie, joins in this presentation to relate a heart-wrenching experience that happened during their time overseeing the New York Rochester Mission. She shares a family tragedy a missionary couple experienced and how their testimonies helped them overcome despair and find strength during their sad experience.

“Every Day Power From the Book of Mormon” is an uplifting 60-minute audio CD. Listening to the Christiansons’ testimonies and experiences of the Book of Mormon is motivating and inspiring. Both do an excellent job of combining scriptures with both humorous and uplifting personal anecdotes.

It’s easy to come away from this listening experience with a new-found desire to delve deeply into the pages of scripture.

The parents of five, the Christiansons reside in Utah County.