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Washington’s soap opera absorbs far too much of the attention of the 350 million people for whom it is the national capital. Decent people ought to blanch and turn away.

Soap operas never really resolve anything — although they have soap barrels full of adultery, betrayal, disease, death and miraculous reconciliations. There’s never a happy ending or any ending at all, just fresh dramas to keep you coming back. It’s not about resolution, it’s about entertainment.

Washington, D.C., has become a soap opera, complete with a porn actress. After Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel, the Democrats and their media enablers ramped up their dudgeon to the highest setting, hoping Mueller would rid them of the foul fiend President Donald J. Trump.

The president and media compatriots responded in kind. Both sides — notably Rachel Maddow and Sean Hannity — had a fine time (and made a killing) for the last two years hurling their ceaseless blather at us.

Exulting over the Mueller report, Trump and his base claimed victory and sternly lectured the political-left about their improprieties. The left skipped nary a beat (although Miss Maddow lost a half-million viewers overnight), countering that Trump will surely be convicted by other prosecutors and finally damned by the political gods.

A lot happened in the Mueller investigation, but nothing really changed.

The Great Swamp has certainly not been drained. Indeed, it daily grows in size and stench.

So many Republican office-holders have sold their political souls lest a presidential Tweet jeopardize their all-important reelection. Democrats are so terminally allergic to the man it seems they will believe and say almost anything to slur and stymie him.

What can possibly be useful or worthy of our national notice about all this? We’d surely intervene if we knew our eighth grader was engaging in equivalent cat-fighting, but we surely wouldn’t want to know every tawdry detail. It’s all so wrong, so vile, so out of character with our nation’s greatness. Washington’s soap opera absorbs far too much of the attention of the 350 million people for whom it is the national capital. Decent people ought to blanch and turn away.

And that is what I suggest we all do — you and me and everyone we know. You will be well-served to detach yourself from it. And please, worry not! You’ll hear if by some miracle there should be actual developments on important things like immigration reform, infrastructure funding, trade concessions from China, or progress on reducing our insane national deficit. For the sake of the nation and those coming of age and learning from our examples how to participate in our civic life, we must tune out the witless bloviating and the endless preening. Far more important things claim our attention.

Turn instead to Utah and its mostly great news: our terrific snowpack, including in parched central and southern Utah; incredible spring skiing; construction of the Salt Lake International Airport, at $3.8 billion the largest public works project in Utah’s history; redevelopment of the Draper prison site into a major tech anchor site; explosion of tech businesses in Utah; the roll-out of medical marijuana; our great job market; Utah’s explosive economic and population growth bringing opportunity and huge challenges; Utah’s acute shortage of housing, especially affordable housing; the expansion of Medicaid to almost 100,000 people. On these and many more local issues, you can raise your voice and make a difference. At least you ought to know about these topics and develop informed opinions.

With Gov. Gary Herbert stepping down in 2021, we’re set to have a compelling gubernatorial race in 2020.

While there’s much to watch and cheer, there’s also controversy about Medicaid expansion, the Inland Port and Operation Rio Grande. Outcomes in Utah will be guided by those who engage here, not by the Twitter warriors and cable news junkies.

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There’s so much in Utah and in your community that deserves your attention. Far too many souls are hungry, ill, anxious, depressed, suicidal or in need of tutoring, friendship, or a helping hand. Meaningful things right here at home need your attention, your time, and your means.

Especially, let us nurture and protect the little ones, the children coming into and growing up in these trying but opportune times.

Pray for our nation, but give your focus and energy to your family and your neighbors.