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A look at the "Apex: Legends" locations.

SALT LAKE CITY — Don’t worry. Your “Apex Legends” rewards aren’t gone anymore.

Earlier this week, “Apex Legends” released a new patch that led to gamers complaining that they lost all of their saved data, which I wrote about for the Deseret News.

The gamers took to social media to explain that every reward item they won since the start of the game was missing from their in-game inventory.

In response, Respawn, one of the game’s creators, said that it was looking into the problem and planned to release a fix sometime soon.

That fix came early Thursday morning.

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“Respawn has fixed a mistake on its end that moved players to servers that didn't have their persistence, making it look as if all their progress had been erased. Everything you did up until the moment 1.1 went live should be intact, and any currency will revert back to the pre-fix state,” according to Engadget.

Respawn shut down all of the line servers so it could move players from the “wrong place” to the correct servers so that their information would return, according to a Reddit post from Respawn.

“Once we confirmed internally that we had fixed the issue we started rolling out the right servers starting with Xbox and staggered the updates to PS4 and PC,” the company said.