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Provided by Covenant Communications
"Understanding the Sacred Symbolism of Temple Clothing" is an audio/talk on CD by Kim Gibbs.

"UNDERSTANDING THE SACRED SYMBOLISM OF TEMPLE CLOTHING," by Kim Gibbs, Covenant Communications, $11.99, 52 minutes

While it may be easy to guess that the color of sacred temple clothing of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is white to reflect purity, the reasons for each piece of clothing worn in the temple are much more complex than simply the meaning of the color. While understanding symbolism is not the main goal of temple attendance — making covenants with God is the main purpose — one's experience becomes more meaningful as one understands the symbols being used.

Provided by Covenant Communications
Kim Gibbs

Author Kim Gibbs explains in the audio presentation titled "Understanding the Sacred Symbolism of Temple Clothing," that initially, the reasons for using symbols are to teach principles, including the fact that symbols may be used to teach anyone, no matter background, age or race. Symbols are also useful for teaching those at any level of spirituality. Each person learns and absorbs knowledge at his or her own pace, understanding concepts as each progresses through life.

Gibbs then goes on to talk in detail about each piece of clothing that temple patrons wear, including the robe, apron, veil and bonnet, and how each has roots in the clothing worn anciently in the temple in Jerusalem. She also points out that simply the act of changing from street clothing to temple clothing is an indication to the Lord that one is willing to leave other influences, negative emotions and bad feelings outside the temple and turn one's intentions to Jesus Christ.

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She also details the ways in which sacred temple undergarments represent keeping Christ, and the covenants His followers make, close to their hearts. It is, in effect, the one thing that patrons may take, and keep with them at all times, when they leave the temple.

This audio discussion is a great way for those preparing to enter the temple, or for those who simply seek more understanding, to comprehend and appreciate the reasons for the clothing worn inside, and out of, the temple.

Gibbs is the author of four audio presentations on CDs for adults on gospel topics, and an inspirational book called "Make a 'You' Turn." She has three children and lives in Montana with her husband, Brad.