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I am the caretaker for two family members who have Medicaid.

My brother had a traumatic brain injury as an infant, and he has struggled throughout his adult life to access adequate medical care. It took two SSDI (disability) denials, an attorney and a suite of evaluations to get him approved for the long-term care that he desperately needs. My sister’s health declined about 12 years ago, and I had to step in to make sure that she was getting the care she needed to survive.

It wasn’t easy to get to where we are today — the system took a long time, was difficult to navigate and the process of putting together sufficient documentation was expensive.

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I am so glad that my family members have been able to get the care that they need, but I know that there are many other people who don’t have the same access to basic services. Without help, there is no way that my siblings could have made it through the maze that is required to access basic lifesaving services. My siblings experienced barriers to accessing health care that they qualified for. The last thing that we should do is add additional barriers — work requirements, enrollment caps and lockout periods — that make the process even more difficult for the most vulnerable among us. Utahns deserve better.

Linda Griffen

Salt Lake City