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I urge Sens. Lee and Romney and Rep. Stewart to support the retention of the Affordable Care Act. Their constituents need access to health insurance and a standard for the industry which does not allow the former abuses they have suffered from insurance companies.

I am a medical care provider in Utah and in years past I have seen this happen innumerable times: people or their children dumped off their policies because they had illness, no coverage for lifesaving preventative care, no affordable options for policies, denied access on all fronts for preexisting conditions, denial of treatments and tests, the "donut hole" preventing Medicare patients from affording essential medications. It goes on and on.

I have seen numerous letters to patients from insurance companies telling them they are "uninsurable," meaning "we don't want to insure you anymore though you have faithfully paid your very high premiums all these years." This is not to be tolerated any longer.

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Utah’s citizens need protection and are looking to our elected officials. As our population ages, this will become more and more critical. Insurance companies make very good profits and while we cannot afford to provide all things to all people, we need to maintain the basic protections that the ACA provides.

Members of Congress have access to excellent insurance coverage. So should their constituents. I urge my representatives to not allow the ACA to be damaged, underfunded or nullified.

Patricia Jeys

North Salt Lake