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"Love at Lakewood Med" is by T.J. Amberson.

"LOVE AT LAKEWOOD MED," by T.J. Amberson, Cedar Fort, $16.99, 249 pages (f)

Savanah Drake is in her final year of medical school and is about to begin her rotation in the Emergency Department at Lakewood Med. She begins her rotation off on the wrong foot with her mentor, Wes Kent, and her first day in the emergency department ends up as a disaster as "Love at Lakewood Med" opens.

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T.J. Amberson is the author of "Love at Lakewood Med."

Just as she is about to swear off emergency medicine forever, she ends up getting drawn into the environment and the patients. Soon she finds herself advocating for patients' rights, delivering a baby unexpectedly in the hospital hallway, dealing with the horrors of physical abuse and helping the elderly and homeless.

Just as she is about to finish her rotation, she finds herself inadvertently involved in the workplace politics and trying to secure money for remodeling the long-neglected and underfunded emergency department. It's a fine line for a medical student to walk to either fight for a cause she believes in or to give into pressure to save the career of her mentor, the aloof Dr. Kent.

"Love at Lakewood Med" is an interesting and quick read. Savannah develops as a character throughout the novel as she encounters a variety of situations during her rotation. The romance between Savannah and Dr. Kent, although cute and predictable, takes a backseat to the main plot and lacks detail and development.

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"Love at Lakewood Med" is a 2018 Whitney Award Finalist in the romance category. The Whitney Awards recognize novels that are written by authors who are members of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

There is no foul language or sexual innuendos in this novel. Some nudity or violence is described when pertaining to patients and cases in the hospital, but they are very mild.

T.J. Amberson has a medical degree and has worked as an attending physician for Level I trauma centers, EMS agencies and community emergency departments. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and family. She has written four novels in a variety of genres.