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Have you seen "Captain Marvel"? This is the talk of the day. Marvel this and Marvel that. This is a regular conversation between friends, even on college campuses.

How have Marvel and superheroes captured the attention and the money (about $7 billion over the last 10 years) of the people? Each generation has embraced a specific genre of film. For my grandparents, Westerns were the talk of the town; for my parents, the space race became real through not just between America and the USSR, but also between the Galactic Empire and Rebels. Today the big kickers, punchers, smashers and attention-getters are superhero movies, specifically Marvel movies.

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These movies not only have a dream-team lineup of the biggest stars, but they also are well designed to maximize special effects, drawing the awe of the audience. Everyone in the family is talking about them too, because mom and dad can enjoy them as they recall the comics of their past, and its clean content engages the youngest moviegoer as well. They carry the emotional energy of current events without their opinion coming off too strong, and every movie is creatively intertwined so you have to watch them all.

Mitch Dickson