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I just read an article by Jay Evensen from March 10 about immunizations. I feel sorry that mothers are afraid of getting their little ones shots.

I was 5 years old when I had polio. Families were frightened, children were kept at home, not allowed to swim in swimming pools and not allowed to play with friends. As I've grown older, I have met many adults who are still dealing with the physical problems of post-polio syndrome. There are many lasting effects of this terrible disease. I am still dealing with physical problems from polio.

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Before these immunizations were discovered, many children died. Many children were crippled. Many boys who had mumps were later unable to have children. Many moms who had three-day measles while pregnant had children with birth defects. I had two aunts who died in childhood from diphtheria.

God has blessed this nation to eradicate many of the horrors of mumps, polio, tetanus, chicken pox, typhoid fever, measles and many more diseases. Children now grow up strong and healthy because our moms stood in lines to get their children vaccinated. The choice of mothers to have healthy children is compromised by women who use their choice to not vaccinate their children.

Karen Allred