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Letter to the editor

Thank you, Sonja Brown, for so clearly addressing the biggest crises facing our state in "The disease spreading through Utah schools." Our classrooms are being robbed. We need our children and our teachers to become the priority in education; not budgets, tests and scores.

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The most research-based, time-tested evidence for impactful, successful education is through human connection and classrooms that encourage curiosity, discovery, trial and error and creativity while teaching qualities such as perseverance and empathy. This is missing from our public schools. When a teacher has 30 plus students who have to get high scores on standardized tests, the most time-tested methods for teaching get eliminated.

We need to let our teachers know, just as we need to let our children know, how much we appreciate them. Money doesn't solve every problem, but to everyone who pursues a professional career, it is the clearest way to recognize a job well done.

Whitney Foley

Salt Lake City