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Letter to the editor

There is a severe lack of mental health resources for our youths, and we are losing many of them to suicide because of it.

Suicide is now the leading cause of death for kids ages 11 to 17 in Utah. Many of these kids do not have adequate resources to help with their mental health problems or any other problems they might be facing during a critical time in their life. Mental health counseling has been found to have many benefits including empowerment, hope, personal insight, life skills, wellness and many more.

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Providing youths access to these services could not only change their lives but save them. It is essential for the leaders and citizens of Utah to immediately address this problem to prevent the number of youth suicides from continuing to increase. HB81 was recently passed and it aims to reimagine how school counselors serve their students. Sponsors of the bill emphasized counselors using their training to help students with their emotional issues.

Thank you to Utah legislators for taking a step in the right direction toward more available mental health resources for youths.

Samantha Guillory

Salt Lake City