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Either you or a loved one relies on some form of prescription drug to survive. The problem, however, is many Utahns and others around the country are rationing their prescriptions, some costing them their life. This is because they can no longer afford them, even with health insurance.

Some of these prescriptions in the U.S. are up to nine times as much as other countries. This is unfortunate, because the U.S. contributes to 40 percent of the world’s prescription purchases.

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Rep. Norman Thurston, R-Provo, proposed the bill, HB267, Prescription Drug Importation Program, in the 2019 Utah legislative session. This bill would have allowed pharmaceutical companies to get prescription drugs from Canada at a 30 percent lower rate. A lot of Utahns already are crossing the borders at Mexico and Canada for cheaper prescriptions. This bill would have ensured the safety in these drugs, as well as reduced prices and traveling for these desperate Utahns.

HB267 passed in the House, but later failed in the Senate. Thurston claims his fight to help struggling Utahns by reducing the costs of pharmaceuticals is not over. As a struggling Type 1 diabetic, I ask for increased efforts to better support this issue next legislative session.

Brooke Boyd