Chris O'Meara, Associated Press
Philadelphia Phillies' Jake Arrieta pitches to the Toronto Blue Jays during the first inning of a spring training baseball game Saturday, March 9, 2019, in Clearwater, Fla. Arrieta trolled Phillies fans the day before Major League Baseball's opening day.

SALT LAKE CITY — Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Jake Arrieta trolled Phillies fans the day before Major League Baseball kicks off.

Arrieta posted a photo on Instagram of his locker room, which had the nameplate “Jak Arrieta.” Obviously, that’s a misspelling of his name, 12 Up reports.

“Pumped to play alongside Jak this season. Humm babe!” he wrote.

Recent success: Arrieta already had people talking before opening day. On Monday during his final start of the spring, Arrieta struck out six batters and only allowed two earned runs, NBC Sports reported. The Major League Baseball player went a strong six innings with a “disgusting” fastball.

Watch the video below.

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And here’s a collection of MLB players responding to the video.

Controversy: An ESPN report explained that the Phillies played online video games like “Fortnite,” pingpong, and other activities during the 2018 season that diverted them from concentration during games. Arrieta called it an “untruth” and denied the report, according to

Bigger picture: Arrieta’s success will be one of the big storylines of the year along with Bryce Harper’s debut for the Phillies. Arrieta said he’s convinced the Phillies are a playoff team.