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ABC’s “20/20” will run a two-hour documentary that will likely mention Utah.

SALT LAKE CITY — ABC’s “20/20” will run a two-hour documentary of a convicted killer who, at one point, lived in Utah.

The documentary shows footage from ABC News archives and includes an interview with the man’s ex-wife from his second marriage, who said she was lucky to get away from him.

Watch the trailer below.

The documentary will tell the story of a man, Raven Abaroa, who was convicted of killing his pregnant wife, Janet Abaroa, and was recently set free. The man reportedly spent eight years behind bars.

The two-hour presentation will look into Janet’s death, as well as Raven’s trial, hung jury, and plea deal, according to a press release sent to the Deseret News.

Raven Abaroa relocated to Salt Lake City after his wife was found stabbed to death, according to a press release on the “20/20” show. He moved to Utah with his son.

Vanessa Pond, Raven’s ex-wife, met Raven at their children’s school and got married two years later. After they got married, Vanessa says Raven’s behavior changed. The two ended up separating, the press release said.

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But Raven was later arrested and charged with Janet’s murder in 2010. The trial jury included women who were romantically involved with Raven while he was married to Janet and Vanessa. Due to a hung jury, a mistrial was declared.

A new trial began in spring 2014. Raven offered an Alford plea — which is "a guilty plea of a defendant who proclaims he is innocent of the crime, and admits that the prosecution has enough evidence to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt," according to LegalZoom — to a charge of voluntary manslaughter. He was released from prison in December 2017.