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Letter to the editor

We cannot let money-hungry and lobbyist-backed scientists pretend and mislead the American people to believe that our planet is going to become a hell-like environment if we don’t sacrifice money to the elites.

Climate change is an over-exaggerated ploy to harm the great American economy that other countries are so desperately trying to mimic. We cannot afford to change to unreliable and very expensive means of energy just for the sake of left-wing ideologies to destroy the current energy sector.

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Our climate has seen rises and falls of climate. The Earth naturally goes through cycles of heating and cooling periods and we just so happen to be living in one. I don’t believe that leftists really understand how small we are in comparison to the Earth and to our galaxy. Because of the size of our Earth, whatever we put out could not throw a massive planet’s climate patterns into a shift. It's just plain impossible.

We must not sacrifice our growing economy for socialistic ideas of climate. We must continue to be a leading producer and, eventually, the largest exporter of petroleum to help the economy and provide cheap and efficient energy to grow our business and eliminate regulations that hurt the poor.

Carlos Perez

St. George