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As a mother of three and a fellow Utahn, I’m upset by Sen. Lee's flagrant disregard for respectful political discourse. I hope he is not as dismissive as he seems.

Ninety-seven percent of climatologists are concerned about the rate of warming. We may live in an age of ignoring experts and believing whatever we want, but that’s especially unwise in this case.

Arguing that zero population is the answer is irresponsible and unimaginative, but we can’t wait for the next generation to solve the problem either.

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“What can we do?” is the question of the hour. Individual impacts will not be enough to counteract societal fossil fuel usage. Policy is a crucial opportunity to make difference.

Please hear me. We have about a two-decade window for enacting meaningful change. We are on track for catastrophic changes to the climate. If we do not address this now and radically, we will be headed toward a near future to which humans cannot adapt.

It may frustrate Sen. Lee to hear radical ideas. As one of his constituents, I beg him to understand the intention behind those ideas and policies, and look for ways to honor the stewardship that is ours.

Stephanie Jackson