Utah State's golf team concluded the Cal Poly-hosted Match Play championship on Tuesday with a 3.0-2.0 loss to Sacramento State at the Cypress Ridge Golf Course.

Utah State began the tournament by posting a 1-1 record on Monday with a 3.5-1.5 opening round win against Southern Utah, before losing to UC Irvine in the second round, 4.0-1.0.

Against Sacramento State, sophomore Andy Hess defeated Jeff Carr, 3 and 2, while junior Hayden Eckert defeated Riley Bell, 2-up. Other Aggies to play against the Hornets included junior Chase Lansford, who lost to Josh Diaz, 6 and 4; freshman Cameron Tucker, who lost to Joe Fowler, 4 and 3; and sophomore Colten Cordingley, who lost to Landon Azevedo, 6 and 5.

In its opening round win against SUU, Tucker won his match against Hayden Plewe, 5 and 4; Eckert won his match against Ryker Smith, 5 and 3; and Cordingley won his match against Austin Jaramillo, 4 and 2; while Lansford halved his match against Ali Hameed and Hess lost his match against Jake Vincent, 4 and 3.

In its match against UCI, Hess was the only Aggie to record a win as he defeated Ramiz Jamal, 2 and 1. In other matches, Lansford lost to Anthony Truong, 5 and 4; Tucker lost to Chris Casey, 2 and 1; Eckert lost to Nate Irwin, 4 and 3; and Cordingley lost to Matt Gunson, 3 and 2.

Utah State will continue its spring season on Monday, April 8, at the Wyoming Classic, held in Scottsdale, Ariz.

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Sacramento State def. Utah State — 3.0-2.0

1. Andy Hess (USU) def. Jeff Carr (SSU) — 3 and 2

2. Josh Diaz (SSU) def. Chase Lansford (USU) — 6 and 4

3. Joe Fowler (SSU) def. Cameron Tucker (USU) — 4 and 3

4. Hayden Eckert (USU) def. Riley Bell (SSU) — 2-up

5. Landon Azevedo (SSU) def. Colten Cordingley (USU) — 6 and 5

Utah State def. Southern Utah — 3.5-1.5

1. Jake Vincent (SUU) def. Andy Hess (USU) — 4 and 3

2. Chase Lansford (USU) half Ali Hameed (SUU) — Half

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3. Cameron Tucker (USU) def. Hayden Plewe (SUU) — 5 and 4

4. Hayden Eckert (USU) def. Ryker Smith (SUU) — 5 and 3

5. Colten Cordingley (USU) def. Austin Jaramillo (SUU) — 4 and 2

UC Irvine def. Utah State — 4.0-1.0

1. Andy Hess (USU) def. Ramiz Jamal (UCI) — 2 and 1

2. Anthony Truong (UCI) def. Chase Lansford (USU) — 5 and 4

3. Chris Casey (UCI) def. Cameron Tucker (USU) — 2 and 1

4. Nate Irwin (UCI) def. Hayden Eckert (USU) — 4 and 3

5. Matt Gunson (UCI) def. Colten Cordingley (USU) — 3 and 2