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Valerie Johnson
Jon Schmidt performs during an LDS Business College devotional in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square on March 26, 2019.

SALT LAKE CITY — There is a disease that all men and women suffer from. It affects one’s vision and makes “wonderful things invisible.” For instance, someone who has flown in an airplane might typically find the experience a boring and miserable one. Because of the disease, this person misses out on the wonder of flying several thousand feet in the air.

Pianist and The Piano Guys member Jon Schmidt named this disease: “the natural man.”

In a devotional address to LDS Business College students and staff in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square on Tuesday, March 26, Jon Schmidt and his wife, Michelle, spoke on ways to prevent “the natural man” from affecting one’s spiritual vision.

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For Jon Schmidt, a spiritual example of wonderful things becoming invisible is Joseph Smith. “When I think about it, I think of all the amazing things that have been said in history. … How many of them were said by somebody in their college age or early 20s?”

Schmidt shared some quotes from Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon that he has saved under a tab in the Gospel Library App he’s labeled, “What 20-year-old says this stuff?”

“We should be reading that and thinking, ‘Wow!’ But we kind of get used to it, don’t we?” he said. “And wonderful things become invisible.”

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