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Letter to the editor

In the current climate of hyper-polarized partisan politics, it is imperative that we adopt a solution-focused, problem-solving approach to policy issues.

This January the country experienced the longest government shutdown in American history — a slog through ideological gridlock, acted out by the Democratic congressional leadership and President Trump.

Partisan buzzwords easily draw people into dichotomous tribalism, distancing the actual issues from the political discussion. For people on both sides of the aisle, the word “wall” comes with an enormous amount of baggage. For one side, it represents physical and cultural security. For the other, it’s a symbol of American xenophobia and bigotry.

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Most political players agree that we have problems at the border — problems that pose dangers to both American citizens and immigrants alike. Proposals such as border sensory fiber-optic cables, as well as immigration policy reform, offer actual solutions.

Politically, it’s easy to resort to heated partisan rhetoric. It’s emotionally compelling and offers ideological validation, but if government is to accomplish anything, the country will have to explore its challenges with a more discerning eye (or mouth).

Austin Ryan-Mas

Salt Lake City