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According to new startling statistics, teen suicide rates have increased over 25 percent since 1999 because of teen bullying. Being a high school student, I can see how many students around me are struggling with bullying and are being bullied on the daily.

Teen suicide rates are still increasing and more and more students in school are attempting and thinking about suicide. Reports say that depression and suicide are much more common in teens who have been the victim of bullying in school or electronically. Moreover, these risks were additive among teens who were the victim of both forms of bullying.

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It is astonishing to see how harsh some people can be to a person to make an individual feel so bad about themselves that it created this image in their head that suicide is the only way that they can feel free and get away from their problems.

Teen bullying isn't just a problem that occurs in the hallways of school. Bullying has a much more broad spectrum than that, as some individuals don't even realize that bullying isn't just pushing and shoving in school and calling them names.

Bullying has come to a point where the internet is being used as a first-hand tool to use to bully other individuals.

Connor Gold

Salt Lake City