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Letter to the editor

We are in agreement with Ron Paxton who wrote an article recently regarding two of our senators who voted with the Democrats on border security. We are baffled, too.

I called a friend who lived most of her life in Laredo, Texas, and is a very staunch liberal. I asked her what her thoughts were regarding the wall. Her first words were, “We need more ICE and a wall.” She continued saying that when she was younger, they went back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico and never had a problem, but as the years went by it became dangerous to go across the border and the crime increased on the U.S. side. It became so bad they moved.

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I also called my relatives, who are also “liberal” and live in Beaumont, Texas, which is not a border town, but it also has had an increase in crime in the last few years from foreigners illegally crossing our southern border. It has become very scary for them.

People that say it’s OK to have open borders evidently do not know what they are talking about. I suggest that our senators and congressmen, rather than sitting in Washington, actually go to our southern border and then make their decisions based on facts regarding border security and immigration.

Marilyn Godfrey

Salt Lake City