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In the last three years in the U.S., more than 50 worshippers have been killed in a place of worship from active shooter incidents. Now is the time to address this serious issue. The need is for an increase of safety protocol for all who may attend a religious service.

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Current codes require places of public assembly to have signage, alarms, fire-rated components and other strong measures to ensure the safety of all who attend. Still many places of worship do not have a written or spoken protocol to inform all of how to respond when a serious hazardous incident is occurring.

Since many of the worshippers are elderly or handicapped, their response is complicated by their lack of ability to quickly evacuate. We need to begin a program now to increase our safety protocol and inform all who attend. It should start with our religious and public officials whose responsibility it is for our safeguard. This effort should be ongoing and urgent.

Bob Sweeney

Warwick, Rhode Island