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Whatever happened to the Republican Party that was once interested in distinguishing between right and wrong? Those of us who aren’t Republican or conservative may not have always agreed with their analysis, but no one ever doubted that the pursuit of something that approximated civic righteousness was something the party took seriously. Sure, they were annoying — but they were people who at least adhered to recognizable standards, albeit hypocritically.

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These days, the GOP is blindly determined to support a political anarchist with an authoritarian bent. With Donald Trump, the party has ceded the moral high ground to Democrats in exchange for temporal political power in the moment. Even the party’s mullahs — the religious right — have rationalized the moral compromises necessary to prop up an undeniably corrupt administration.

But it has to be apparent even to Republicans that yoking their cart to the bloated golden calf of the Trump presidency is going to result in electoral disaster for years to come.

Blake Messinger

Salt Lake City