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Letter to the editor

With medicine we never really know what’s next until it happens or the next greatest thing is discovered or thought of. I don’t think everyone realizes just how much medical advancements have changed everything for us.

Vaccines and surgeries that were just dreams of scientists 200 years ago are now in our everyday lives. What if you were told there was a cure to Alzheimer’s, diabetes and certain cancers?

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This perfect world is in our grasp with stem cell research. This research has been studied since the 1960s and it has raised more questions and brought us closer to curing diseases that can right now only be treated. Stem cell research can be conducted in many ways but the most prevalent form of it is conducted by using a patient's own skin cells and essentially hitting a restart button the causes the skin cells to go back to their stem cell form. These cells can then be used to help patients after chemotherapy, help Alzheimer’s patients and reform those synaptic gaps that have deteriorated over time, or help diabetic patients produce their own insulin.

This medical research is a no-brainer and should be continued to help all people in one way or another.

Deanna Barajas

St. George