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In response to the letter on March 19 titled “A tricky situation,” Mr. Paxton is correct in stating that Congress in 1976 gave the president authority to declare a national emergency. What constitutes a national emergency? Sept. 11, 2001 comes to mind. A funding bill not meeting the president’s request does not.

I applaud our Sens. Mike Lee and Mitt Romney both for voting against the abuse of power.

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Lee did have a bill that would have limited the use and abuse of power, but our president refused to back the bill. In 1976 when the bill was passed by Congress giving the president the power to declare and emergency, Congress failed to realize what our Founding Fathers knew about the abuse of power by unethical demagogues.

Our senators did not vote against a wall; they voted for the Constitution as it was intended. I am proud of our senators and hope that all of Utah’s representatives will support the Constitution and American values and view the people seeking refuge in this country as fellow human beings.

Cheryl Diener

South Jordan