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It disturbs me to see reactions from readers criticizing Sen. Romney and Sen. Lee for their votes against the president's "emergency" declaration and suggesting they "don't get it." The declaration was a clear case of executive overreach, and our senators voted the only way a person who respects the Constitution could, whether conservative, liberal or anywhere in the middle.

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As to fears of an "invasion" at the border, officials working near the border itself assure us nothing of the sort is happening. Experts assure a wall would do nothing to stop the flow of drugs or anything else. Immigration is an issue which needs to be dealt with, but we need to be acting with intelligence and compassion, not fear. We need to tune out the voices spewing racially charged rhetoric and trying to scare Americans into supporting their extremist agenda. Tragically, that includes our president.

I am grateful to both of our senators for voting with intelligence and integrity, and sending the message that being a member of their party doesn't give the president the right to violate the Constitution. This vote was something of which all Utahns across the political spectrum can rightly be proud.

Paul Gibbs

West Valley City