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A screenshot of characters from "Apex: Legends."

SALT LAKE CITY — “Apex Legends” has officially released its first battle pass.

The Electronic Arts and Respawn video game shared an announcement trailer Wednesday that highlighted the game’s first season.

  • Like “Fortnite,” the new “Apex Legends” battle royale style game includes a battle pass, which allows gamers to earn new reward items based on completed gameplay. Battle passes are typically released in “seasons,” which gives gamers a specific amount of time to complete the battle pass and unlock all the characters.

Cost: Gamers can buy the option for the battle pass for 950 Apex Coins (so about $9.50).

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What happens: Polygon reports that gamers level up through the battle pass by gaining XP in the game, which comes from kills in the game. The rewards will become rarer as they climb up the reward tiers.

  • “Players will start to earn progress toward their battle pass unlocks as soon as season one begins, whether they have bought the pass or not. If players decide to buy the pass later on during the season, all of the progress they have earned will carry over and unlock all of the rewards they have earned up to that point,” Polygon reports.

The final reward for the season will be a rare skin for the Havoc energy rifle.

See the video below for more information on the battle pass.