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In this Jan. 30, 2018 file photo, Cassie Langdon holds her MoviePass card outside AMC Indianapolis 17 theatre in Indianapolis.

SALT LAKE CITY — It’s official. MoviePass is back on that unlimited plan grind.

MoviePass and Helios and Matheson Analytics announced Tuesday that they would be bringing back their “uncapped plan,” which reintroduces the famous $9.95 price for unlimited movies.

The new “MoviePass Uncapped” plan offers “no cap” on 2D movies that moviegoers want to see in the MoviePass theater network.

However: The new plan is “subject only to managing network demand and availability as detailed in the MoviePass terms of use,” according to MoviePass.

The plan allows for moviegoers to see and reserve tickets three hours before showtime and check into theaters 30 minutes before showtime, too.

  • “We are – and have been – listening to our subscribers every day, and we understand that an uncapped subscription plan at the $9.95 price point is the most appealing option to our subscribers,” said Ted Farnsworth, chairman and CEO of MoviePass’ parent company, HMNY, said in a statement. “While we’ve had to modify our service a number of times in order to continue delivering a movie-going experience to our subscribers, with this new offering we are doing everything we can to bring people a version of the service that originally won their hearts. We’re thrilled to introduce this new uncapped plan at a price point that is unbeatable in the industry.”

MoviePass CEO Mitch Lowe said the company is comfortable with changing market demands.

  • “We continue to implement what we’ve learned to combat violations of our terms of use, which we believe will enable us to offer more subscribers the joy of seeing more movies on the big screen. Today marks a notable stride in that direction, and we’re excited to be able to offer this new uncapped plan after tireless research and development efforts,” Lowe said in a statement.

Price: The “uncapped plan” will cost $9.95 per month for a 12-month subscription when paid in advance.

  • Monthly subscribers can sign up for the “uncapped” plan for $14.95 per month.
  • These prices are only for a limited time. The cost will be $19.95 per month after that.

Yes, but: Business Insider reported that MoviePass would limit power users from attending too many movies in a given month.

  • Business Insider reported that the new terms of use for MoviePass say it "makes no guarantee on the availability to any particular theater, showtime or title that is presented in our app."
  • And, according to Business Insider, Movie Pass would use its own algorithms to hold off users "based on their location, day of movie, time of movie, title and the individual user's historical usage."

Not that different: The new “uncapped” plan isn’t all that different from MoviePass' previous unlimited plan. But it also sort of leans into the reason why so many people got upset with MoviePass in the first place.

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  • Back in August 2017, customers complained that they couldn’t see “Mission: Impossible — Fallout,” and that the MoviePass app was only allowing customers to see certain movies. People canceled their subscriptions citing these issues.
  • Eventually, MoviePass stopped working entirely once its parent company, HMNY, ran out of money.

Change of plans: We should also note that MoviePass continues to reshape its business plan.

  • Just last month, HMNY’s CEO Farnsworth told me that MoviePass was planning a relaunch that would center around offering tickets for people to attend films that MoviePass produced.
  • The new plan — which he dubbed “MoviePass 2.0” — would offer premier tickets to subscribers and even help cast subscribers into MoviePass-produced movies.