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Letter to the editor

Servers at sit-down restaurants should not be paid a wage and keep getting tips instead.

Servers rely heavily on tips to make the most money. Tipping leads to efficient servers. Tips make servers try their best to stay on top of things, from taking orders to filling up drinks. Tipping eliminates servers who are lazy. Bad servers aren’t tolerated in tip restaurants.

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People believe that the service is worse at tip-free restaurants because there is no incentive for servers to perform well. Research shows that people are happier when they can leave a large tip. People have the urge to penalize poor service. So, when customers lose the ability to adjust tip size, they feel alienated.

Tips help restaurants maintain revenue. Tips help restaurants save thousands of dollars every pay period. When restaurants go tip-free, customers order less food, which leads to a loss in revenue.

Servers at sit-down restaurants are paid a low wage, but research shows servers make an average of $20 in tips for a four-hour shift. On the weekends, servers average around $35 in tips for a four-hour shift. Servers make more money with tipping.

Michael Hansen

St. George