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Letter to the editor

Studies show hungry students may be a large reason behind bad behavior, this includes, in my opinion, school suspensions and juvenile delinquencies.

The remedy will be to start feeding kids mid-morning and mid-afternoon snacks. Students would consume food at around 10:30 a.m., and kids would be fed a snack just before students leave school for the day.

A new pilot data-gathering program could be conducted to see if there is a correlation between teens being hungry and bad behavior. What if police will simply ask a simple two-part question when they pick up teens: Are you hungry? And when was the last time you ate? This data will be uploaded for school officials could see if there is a correlation. Teachers would also ask these questions when kids get into trouble at school.

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To pay for this new snack program, what if restaurant customers were asked if they would like to be served a smaller portion? The extra food portions, the unused food could be donated to this new snacks school program instead. What if an extra part of the tip would deliver this food to schools as restaurants already have food delivery service? Restaurants would deliver this food to the local school's cafeteria intake area, then cafeteria workers will move this food to classrooms.

This would make for safer schools and communities at no additional costs.

David Thelen