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Anthony Daniels' character C-3PO appears in a scene from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

SALT LAKE CITY — Oscar Isaac has been one of the most vocal of the Star Wars cast when it comes to details about the highly secretive “Star Wars: Episode IX.”

Recently, he spoke with Jimmy Fallon about what it was like to film with C-3PO star Anthony Daniels, and his comments hint that the golden droid will play a big role in the upcoming film.

What happened: While visiting “The Tonight Show,” Isaac talked with Fallon about what it was like to film with Daniels, who wrapped up his role in the film the same day Isaac did.

  • Isaac said that Daniels was “super emotional” about wrapping up his role in the Star Wars saga and “hanging up the golden cowl.”
  • “This time he kept saying like, this was the most fun he had. Cause he has, actually, you know, had so much fun things to do, and we got to work a lot together,” Isaac said. “And yeah, it was just amazing to see that, to see that piece of history close.”

Isaac’s comments about working a lot with Daniels in the new film seem to suggest that C-3PO will play a large role in “Episode IX.”

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Rumors floated in February that the droid will be seen wearing Chewbacca’s bandolier and bowcaster with Rey’s staff at one point in the film.

Other things Isaac has shared: Isaac has said a few things about the new film.

  • According to ComicBook.com, Isaac told John Fugelsang in a SiriusXM interview that it was a “beautiful thing” to see the unused footage of the late Carrie Fisher in the upcoming film.
  • Isaac said earlier this month that he thinks people will be “blown away” by the film.

“Star Wars: Episode IX” is expected to hit theaters Dec. 20.