Weber County Jail
Steven Ray Bryner

OGDEN — A Roy man has been charged with making a false report after claiming he was being chased by someone with a gun at an Ogden mall.

Steven Ray Bryner 32, was charged Monday in 2nd District Court with emergency reporting abuse, a second-degree felony.

On Friday, Bryner "kept calling 911 screaming that he was being chased, he was being held at gunpoint and hiding, and that other people were being held at gunpoint at the mall," according to charging documents.

Multiple officers went to the area to search "as his calls continued to come in," the charges state. A mall security guard then spotted a man sitting at an undisclosed bar talking to himself, according to charging documents.

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"He refused to talk to me or leave the bar with me and I escorted him out into the mall. Mr. Bryner was very agitated and saying he didn't call police. He was ranting nonsense. His pupils were extremely dilated and his eyes were wide," the charges state.

When the officer said he needed to pat down Bryner for weapons, Bryner "began struggling and he turned into me and grabbed for the knife before I could grab it. I had to fight him to the ground and was struggling to get his arms away from his pockets and behind his back," the officer wrote in his report.

A second officer arrived on the scene to help place Bryner into custody, the charges state.