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Courtesy of family
University of Utah student Annie Condon writes a John Lennon quote in sidewalk chalk next to the John Lennon Imagine memorial in New York City.

SALT LAKE CITY — University of Utah student Annie Condon will often draw inspirational thoughts on the sidewalk around campus in between her classes. But last week, she took that practice to New York City.

Condon and her family recently visited the John Lennon Imagine memorial in Central Park. That's where Condon found her canvas.

She pulled chalk out of her backpack and began writing one of her favorite John Lennon quotes, which attracted a crowd of onlookers.

Courtesy of family
University of Utah student Annie Condon created a kindness initiative called Thoughtline where she posts artistic quotes on kindness.

The act was completely organic, according to Condon.

Because she always has art supplies on hand, Condon said she decided the memorial would be a good place to share some kindness because the Beatles were always spreading "messages of love, kindness, peace, harmony, far and wide," she said. "So people visiting here are probably interested in those same principles."

The act did resonate with at least one onlooker.

Southern Illinois University journalism student Amelia Blakely saw Condon's actions, interviewed her about what she was doing and then posted the experience on her Instagram account.

"This is Annie, from Salt Lake City, Utah. While swarms of people walked through Central Park taking pictures at Strawberry Fields across from John Lennon’s apartment, Annie was drawing on the ground a quote from the Beatle. 'Love is not something you wish for. It’s something you make. Something you do. Something you are and something you give away.' Annie said her intentions are set in spreading kindness. Maybe not a lot of people may see this in person, but nearly everyone has a cell phone with Instagram, she said. U go girl: Meeting her was a bright spot on this windy sunny day in NYC."

Condon said she chose that particular Lennon quote because it "struck a chord" with her.

"I think connection and belonging are two things that everyone craves, but instead of just wishing for them, I think that quote really captures (that) it's something we need to create. We can create it through a conversation, through a smile, through reaching out to our family, to friends, to strangers," Condon said. "It doesn't take a lot to brighten someone's day. But we need to be actively seeking out those opportunities."

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Condon's father, Deseret News Sports Editor Kent Condon, said Annie has always been artistic and has recently gotten into expressing her artistic side through her visual renderings of quotes.

Annie Condon's passion for sharing kindness, and this newfound interest in writing quotes, inspired her creation of Thoughtline, a website that serves as a place where she posts all kinds of creatively penned quotes on kindness and happiness. She hopes it becomes a place where people can go to lift themselves and others.

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