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I was very disappointed to see both our senators, Lee and Romney, cast yes votes on the resolution to overturn President Trump's national emergency declaration. They joined 100 percent of the Democrats in doing this.

They each have their reasons for their individual votes, which they have mentioned that they don't like to set a precedent for presidential emergency powers, but I believe this issue involves a much more important factor than that. It is apparent that the Democrats, media and Hollywood elite have declared an all-out war on everything President Trump wants to do, especially the things that are positive for our nation and might make him look good.

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The situation on our southern border is in crisis and really does demand emergency attention. Adding to our existing walls and barriers has been supported by most leaders in both parties in the past, but now, because President Trump wants it, all Democrats have fallen in line to oppose it.

While I believe there is an argument against setting a precedent on emergency powers, I believe it is dwarfed by the need to meet the dire situation presently at our southern border and to stand up to the well-organized opposition to any movement by Trump that may look positive to the citizenry of this country.

Sen. Lee's comments blaming Congress for not addressing this dire need on the southern border is valid, but the situation on the border demands our attention.

Bill Barton

West Jordan