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Once again Yellowstone Bear World will be providing photo and interaction opportunities with bear cubs at the International Sportsmen’s Expo this weekend in Salt Lake City. There are much better ways to spend $20-plus than a photo with a bear cub that will hurt the animal physically and its species as a whole.

Outside of captivity, bear cubs will stay with their mothers up to 18 months, depending on the species. Yellowstone Bear World separates mother and cub at their facility prematurely and does not allow the mother to travel with her cubs.

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When cubs are subjected to large crowds and long hours of human interaction, it can cause extreme stress and stunt their cognitive development. Bears, even captive ones, should not be in such proximity with humans. When you post or share a photo or experience with what is perceived as a wild animal, the notion that these animals are safe to be around and in contact with is spread, endangering them.

When enjoying the Expo please do not engage in this unethical practice.

Claire Andrues

Salt Lake City