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Way to go Mitt and Mike. Kudos.

Utah's two U.S. senators, Romney and Lee, have my appreciation and congratulations for their votes in support of our Constitution. While I often disagree with both, especially Sen. Lee, I am delighted at the courage of these two on this issue.

While other presidents of both parties since 1976 have used the tool of national emergency powers for national disasters (i.e. fires, earthquakes, etc.), domestic policy, foreign affairs and the like, no U.S. president until now has sought to use this tool to circumvent and attempt to usurp the constitutionally assigned role of the legislative branch regarding the federal budget.

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I also applaud Congressman Ben McAdams for his vote in support of our Constitution. I find it amazing that while three other Utah congressmen often use the Constitution as a support for their positions, not one of them stepped up to buck the "party line" in defense of this sacred document. Several expressed their concern with this step but eventually fell into line to facilitate party objectives and to avoid a backlash of Trump supporters. Thanks to Ben for being a lone voice in the wilderness on an issue that should have been crystal clear.

This attempt by our current president would have established a dangerous precedent for misuse of the National Emergencies Act. We all need to support those who protect our constitutional balance of power.

Grant Protzman

North Ogden